POLYTEDA Partners with Cogenda to Expand Asian Activities
Septemeber 14, 2017 - Suzhou, China and Kyiv, Ukraine POLYTEDA Partners with Cogenda
Cogenda Pte Ltd, a leading Asian provider of semiconductor software products and electronic design automation (EDA) technical services, and POLYTEDA UKRAINE LLC, an innovator in physical verification (PV) tools for the semiconductor industry, are joining forces to bring the advanced PV solution to the Chinese market. The relationship will combine the sales and marketing support of POLYTEDA flagship physical verification tool PowerDRC/LVS.

"We are determined that this agreement will be a good fit for Cogenda, providing a way for a powerful cooperation between Cogenda and POLYTEDA," - said Dr. Shen Chen, CTO, Cogenda.

"We value Cogenda's impressive microelectronics expertise and long market history. This partnership shall bring the valuable opportunities for our Asian clients," - comments Alexander Grudanov, POLYTEDA CEO. "POLYTEDA and Cogenda will work side by side to deliver the innovative technologies and advanced physical verification solutions to the end-users in China in the fastest and most efficient way possible."

Cogenda will distribute POLYTEDA products within the semiconductor market of China and be the official Chinese representative of POLYTEDA UKRAINE LLC.

POLYTEDA, founded in 2009 and privately held by KM Core, is headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. POLYTEDA develops the breakthrough technology and PV toolset that determine the competitiveness of the EDA market and each individual IC design team. Its flagship tool PowerDRC/LVS is an efficient and innovative cloud-ready tool for physical verification of integrated circuits covering principal DRC and LVS tasks both in single- and multi-CPU modes. POLYTEDA engineers have the superior experience in developing high-end software for the microelectronics industry.

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